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10x Fango & Massage


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“The lymph is the finest, most intimate and delicate thing in the whole body.”

Thomas Mann in “The Magic Mountain.”

It only becomes problematic if there is a disturbance in the “lymphatic system”. When lymphedema develops, it is usually a swollen arm or legs.

This can be the result of an operation in which lymph nodes were removed, e.g. after breast cancer treatment. But even without external influence, the lymphatic system can fail or partially fail.

Our specially trained lymphatic drainage therapists can help here. Through complex physical decongestive therapy, which also includes lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic pathways are decongested from the left vein angle. Particular attention is paid to regions in which there are many lymph nodes. In combination with compression, through compression bandages that our experts put on, a lot can be achieved.

An often underestimated component in the fight against lymphedema is exercise therapy. From “opening” the diaphragm through muscle length training to traditionally strengthening the extremities, our experts will help you to re-crank the muscle joint pumps.

With us you are in the best hands.


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